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Worth the Wait

Nearly seven years ago, I made one of the most extravagant purchases of my life. After a couple of years of saving money, I bought a shiny new silver sedan. This beautiful car was fitted with a luxurious custom grill. For the first several months, I constantly looked at my stunning new car through the windows of my back door. My acquisition was definitely worth the wait. I’m glad I waited to save the money needed to make a cash purchase. Now, I can enjoy my car without having to worry about monthly payments. On this blog, you will learn how to shop for the best car for your budget. Enjoy the ride!

Worth the Wait

    4 Important Safety Features For Your Next Vehicle

    If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you will want to get one that has all of the best possible safety features. You will want to purchase a vehicle that will allow you to stay as safe as possible when you are on the road. To stay safe, you need to know what features you should look for. #1: Rearview Camera A rearview camera is different than a backup camera.

    Improve Your Car's AC And Heat By Putting In A New Cabin Filter

    If the AC or heat in your car isn't blowing out as much air as usual, the problem might be a clogged cabin filter. Other things can affect how well your car's heating and cooling system works, so you may need to take your car to an auto repair shop to pinpoint the problem. If the cabin filter is clogged, it should be replaced. Here are more signs of a clogged cabin filter and an overview of how it's replaced.

    How to Buy a Safer Car

    Buying a new car can be such an exciting adventure, as long as you do your due diligence to learn about the newer model cars, what features are available on certain models that would be important for you and your family. Some of the safety features a car can have come in the form of technology that helps alert the driver to potential problems and in some cases, even help to control the car when doing so can prevent or lessen the severity of a collision.

    Is A Truck The Better Decision For You When Shopping For Your Next Vehicle?

    Recognizing when a truck might be the best choice for you before car shopping can help you bring home a vehicle that meets your needs. Here are some examples of things you may have going on, or have an interest in, that would make you a great truck owner:  You have a side job If you have a side job that consists of doing something that requires you to carry tools and equipment around with you, a truck will prove to be very important.

    A Pre-Owned Vehicle Saves You Money Now and in the Future

    Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Well, instead of buying something truly "new" direct from a car manufacturer, there are several reasons why you might want to look for pre-owned vehicles for sale. Buying pre-owned or used vehicles is obviously less expensive than buying new ones, but there are a variety of additional ways you can save money now and in the future beyond just the official retail price of the car.

    Choosing A Dump Trailer For Junk Hauling

    Using a dump trailer to haul residential junk can be cost-effective as a homeowner and potentially profitable as a business owner. Dump trailers are relatively cheap, versatile, and don't require a heavy-duty tow vehicle. These features make them an excellent choice for removing the type of trash generated by a typical household. Like any other piece of valuable equipment, there are some things you should know before rushing out to buy a trailer to haul junk.

    New Or Used: Which Should I Buy?

    If you ask anyone for advice on whether you should buy a used or new car, you'll most likely get the same answer: used. Proponents of "used cars only" always like to tout the cost savings and depreciation that occurs once you drive a new car off the market. While that's true, it's worth a look to see how the two options stack up beyond just the cost alone. You may find out, after addressing your own personal situation, that buying new from a car dealership is the best choice after all.

    Consider These Things When Buying A Used Electric Car

    When shopping for a used electric car, there are a few things you should consider that wouldn't be necessarily a concern with gasoline cars. Below are some of these things. Battery Status The battery is one of the most important and expensive parts of an electric car. Therefore, you should never buy an electric car without knowing its battery status. The battery should be professionally tested so that you can know how much its original range has dropped.